Stacy Lukasavitz Steele

Live music is what I live for, and writing about music is something that I’ve been doing ever since I can remember.

Back when the internet was still nascent, I was a contributor to a website called I recently discovered that not only does it still exist, but some of my writing is still there, from twenty years ago. So for my earliest (online) published music pieces, check out this review of Susan Tedeschi’s (then) new album, Just Won’t Burn. Though the website says it was 2000, it was actually published shortly after I worked Lilith Fair ’99.

Another oldie but goodie from those days was an article I wrote detailing the IndieGrrl Music Tour’s stops in Michigan, which started in East Lansing and then ended up with my somehow emceeing the Detroit show the next day. I’m still friends with some of these ladies today, and not only was it an incredible experience but displays my uncanny knack of happening to be in the right place at the right time and winging it.

For my more official, professional bio, click over to the about page on my main site.

In my early college years at Michigan State, I was the first woman on the staff of the only student-run music venue in the Midwest, which was called Common Grounds Coffeehouse (original, I know). Founded by my friend Mark, it was in the basement of Akers Hall, and he took care of the booking while I did the PR. We booked acts both local and national, which included The Verve Pipe, Sponge, Mustard Plug, Brenda Kahn, Catie Curtis, and more. An incredible experience that led me to question my major at the time (pre-vet), and eventually led to my dropping out of college or a while to figure out what exactly I wanted to do.

Next thing I knew, I was cutting my teeth in music PR in the Detroit music scene under the wing of my friend Dana Forrester, who continues to run her music publicity business, Aural Pleasure Music, in addition to owning two award-winning tattoo shops, Lucky Monkey Tattoo and Lovely Monkey Tattoo. It was through these experiences I decided I wanted to go into PR and returned to school at the University of Michigan — Flint. They didn’t offer public relations as an official major, but they did have “organizational communication,” which is basically a long word for PR, anyway. So that’s my Bachelor’s of Arts.

All the while, I continued going to shows and writing about them. I can’t find a lot of the stuff that was published online these days, but what you see on this site is archives of things I wrote and published on my own blog and a now-defunct Detroit blog called The Detroit Music Hub. I’ve got hard copies of a lot of my writing in boxes in storage, though. Boxes that also include my collection of lanyards, photos, and other random memorabilia.

I’ve got plenty of music-business-related stories I could tell from the past twenty years, especially with Dana, but I’ll save those for another time and another place. I’m more than happy to tell you a few in person. Just drop me a line via email or go to my contact page and we’ll set something up.