Day two of Future Midwest 2010 is underway here at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. Today is a bit different from yesterday, with longer presentations and more interactive workshops.

Stacy Lukasavitz interviews Ken Burbary at Future Midwest.

Local digital professional Ken Burbary of Ernst & Young started the day with a very detailed presentation on social web analytics – how to monitor, what to monitor, and most importantly, what it all means. Many in the audience mentioned they took many notes, and his presentation answered a lot of questions they’ve been having. Burbary maintains a wiki of social monitoring tools that he shared with us, a great resource for beginners and experts alike. His presentation, along with the rest of them at Future Midwes, will be available online in upcoming days.

Following Burbary was Scott Hauman of Daggerfin, whose presentation “Brand Up and Be Counted” tacked the various aspects how to make your company’s brand stand out. He provided a detailed analysis of “challenger brands” and their various personas, and used Ann Arbor-based Current Motor Company as a great interactive exercise. He turned to the crowd and pointed them to a specially-made microsite for the event, where they could enter their own input on how to best “brand” the company and apply their knowledge from his presentation and download his slides as well.