This morning’s been hoppin’ at the Royal Oak Music Theatre for the Future Midwest 2010 conference, a great breakfast, good coffee, and Michigan-based startups in the lobby. . . it’s definitely an exciting time to be in the tech scene in this area!

First speaker up was Joseph Jaffe of Powered, who spoke about “turning the funnel upside down,” especially in customer service and retention. He is a man of many interesting quotes, but we at Detroit Unspun particularly like this one:

What I see in Detroit is resilience, perseverance, hope, optimism and passion.

He’s not just seeing things, as we know, it’s definitely here!

Following Jaffe was Tim Schaden of Fluency Media in Ann Arbor, whose topic was “The Key to Making Online Integration Work in Any Business.” Using the key points of “Use what you know. Plan for what you don’t know. Integrate,” he used the Pure Michigan campaign as a great case study of how we beat out Florida in online tourism. Did you know that has been the #1 visited tourism website for three years running? Neither did we!

Up next was the always entertaining Scott Monty with an incredible presentation on “Going Digital at Ford,” where he live-demoed some near space-age technology that’s coming out in Ford’s vehicles. Apparently we’ll soon be able to have our tweets read to us while we drive, as well as listen to Pandora. He also talked about the success of the Fiesta Movement, a campaign using NO traditional advertising, and somehow incorporated zombies, too. Also, Monty does a GREAT Homer Simpson impression.

Scott Monty is always a hard act to follow, but Beth Harte of Serengeti Communications held her own as she talked about how public relations is no longer about the media, it’s about the people. There were some great takeaways from Harte, who emphasized that customers don’t care about your company’s internal divisions, they care about how your company can solve their problems. Harte also made the great point that “social media is forcing PR back to its roots.”

Following Harte was metro Detroit native Blagica Bottigliero of Edelman Digital, who shared some amazing stories from her life and how everything she’s learned, from getting laid off to traveling the world alone, has helped hone her skills in community building and blogging. What a metro Detroit success story we have in her!

Team Detroit Unspun will be conducting some interviews via video and audio a bit later today with speakers, and will also be recording a podcast, so stay tuned to this blog for more!

Meanwhile, follow along with the live tweets by tracking the #FMW10 hashtag on Twitter, or tune in live via UStream:

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