Well, what an interesting night. Our third group of speakers definitely gives the first two a run for their money, but who will be the winner? I type this with less than ten minutes before the winner is announced, so I gotta make this quick …

First up in Round Three was Brian Ambrozy of popular geek community Icrontic on how to effectively deal with internet trolls … you know, those people whose only mission online is to give you a hard time. We ALL need to know this kind of information, don’t we?

After Ambrozy was Andrew Herron, with an enlightening presentation on the relevance and application of ham radio … all we can say is “Who knew?” Not me, that’s for sure.

Following Herron was recent Social Media Club Detroit speaker Karen Evans, speaking NOT on anything legally-related, but instead on childhood obesity and why kids need to learn their way around the kitchen … NOW. I also interviewed her on video prior to the even; look for that on the Detroit Unspun YouTube channel.

On a related note, Melissa Hui followed Evans and spoke on how what we eat alters our very genetic code. Huh … I honestly had no idea.

Closing the night was Hajj Flemings, Detroit’s “Brand Man,” on the re-education of the disposable worker, which is similarly themed to Seth Godin’s recent release, Linchpin.

Overall this has been a very educational evening, and we’re only minutes away from finding out who the crowd picked as their winner …