Wow, do we have some serious competition at the first annual Ignite Detroit!

The second portion of the program started off with Christopher Barger of General Motors, who did a completely un-automotive-related presentation on … hair bands, and what we can learn from them. Who knew that our beloved face of GM social media fame would be so … eighties?

Next up was a very moving and inspirational piece from Ryan Doyle of the Live To Give Foundation on how to make charities more personal … I think there are people still lined up to give the man hugs, and it’s the second intermission.

Following Doyle was 2009 Ignite Lansing champion David Murray, who gave us the lowdown — straight from an authentic Guatemalan’s mouth– on how to survive the “end of the world” in 2012, complete with how to avoid laser cats.

Christopher Baccus followed our Guatemalan prophet, sharing with the Ignite Detroit crowd how learning how to change your own car’s oil can make you a better car enthusiasist.

And then came the Attack of the 6’3″ woman, Ashley Zaniewski, not speaking about old-fashioned horror B-movies but on how she learned how to love her height.

As if the night couldn’t get any more interesting, in came Austin Szelkowski with a very riveting, edge-of-your-seat performance entitled “Is That Fear, or Excitement?” … this guy is definitely one you want to see live.

And, we just heard the 5 minute warning for the show to resume, so off we go …