It’s the first intermission of Ignite Detroit and we’ve seen some incredible presentations so far.

The evening opened with Norm Witte and his speech entitled “Alcoholic America,” which was actually about how America can run on ethanol.

Following Norm was Edward Platt, with an incredibly interesting speech on dopamine – what it actually is, how it acts, and how it affects us.

Next was Charlie Wollberg with a moving and insightful speech on how we are digesting too many sound bites and not enough content and meaning in today’s bullet-pointed world.

Charlie is always a hard act to follow, but Benjamen Bator, one of the founders of the ever-popular site Texts From Last Night, held his own and was a total crowd pleaser talkingĀ  about how Texts From Last Night came to be and what’s on the horizon for this internet phenomenon.

Deb Schanilec closed out the first portion of Ignite Detroit with her story of how she got laid off in 2009 and her path to finding the silver lining.

And now beings the second portion of the event …