waitingforgrownups January 18, 2009: Day 1 without my MacBook Pro.
Sent out tweet around 5:00 p.m.: “I haven’t tweeted all day. I’m OK, but feeling so empty and useless without my MacBook Pro. This is going to be a long week.”
Online activity sparse: Checked email, sent a couple DMs via Twitter. Read a couple blogs and commented. Couldn’t get into Facebook because it was down for maintenance or something.
People have been asking me what I’m doing this day or that day. Realized I can’t answer those questions because my schedule is in my iCal, in my laptop, which I cannot access. Yes, it does sync with my iPod, but I haven’t synced my iPod in a few days and have added appointments, etc. since then. Must do my best to remember everything. Think I’m going to follow Laurie’s lead and go back to using an actual planner that you write in. Have been thinking about it lately, the only hindrance being my god-awful handwriting that is illegible even to me.
Otherwise, have been mapping out in my head how much of my current projects I can do with this bare-bones PC and whatever tools/data I’ve got online. Think I should attempt to map these things down on paper now, trying my best to write legibly.
10:13 p.m. I’m sitting here, staring at this monitor, and I feel like I have a LOT to do … I just can’t remember what any of it was.  This is not good.
January 19, 2009: Day 2
Tweeted around 10:30 a.m.: I’m tweeting, I’m tweeting … how long is this going to last? I feel like less of a person without my MBP.
Last night I tossed around the idea of getting a new MacBook Pro. I definitely can’t afford one, but I’m in the process of officially starting my own business (attempting to, anyway), and thinking about including a new MBP in my startup costs if/when I apply for a loan. I can justify the need. Even if this had never happened, I needed to buy an external hard drive because my internal one only has about 15 GB left on it. My MBP is about 3 or 4 years old, it’s tired, and its programs/OS need upgrading. Hmm… may be wishful thinking, but I can dream, right?
There is a Tweetup tonight in Novi at B-Dubs. My presence is expected and I would like to go see everybody, but I’m also kind of in the dumps and should probably stay home and get as much work/research done as I can tonight. I don’t know.
January 20: Day 3
Went to the Tweetup in Novi last night. It was huge. Had a lot of fun (maybe too much?), met a lot of cool people, hung out with friends. Brain is kinda fuzzy today. Was going to go to Shauna’s & Kasey’s inauguration party tonight but fuzzy brain + not getting the stuff done I wanted to last night = no go.


Scott Monty & me at the Novi Tweetup.

It’s technically the third business day from when I ordered my keyboard, but it did not come. It was a good mail day, though: I received my $50 rebate card from Verizon, my $15 from the Nielson people for taking that looooooong online survey, and my coupon for a free Whopper I earned for “sacrificing” 10 Facebook friends … before Facebook sacrificed the app. (They were people I barely talked to/knew, anyway.)
I need to bury my face in some research now. Well, maybe I’ll eat first. Maybe a Whopper.
January 24: Day 4
I am so non-productive that I can’t even think of what it was I was supposed to do in the first place. My brain feels like Jell-O when I stare at my TweetDeck. Tried to accomplish what would be a relatively simple errand for anybody else but me, ended up visiting two VG’s & an out-of-order ATM with no dice. Found a dead bird in my yard, can’t wait to take care of that on garbage night.  Attempted to do a lot of research and read until I thought words were going to spill out my ears. I think my brain is broken. Nothing is going right for me today.
January 22: Day 5
Keyboard finally came. Woo-hoo! Spent an hour or so installing it and putting my computer back together. First thing I did when I turned it on was sync my iPod. And now, I am so tired of dealing with this whole issue that I’m grumpy and don’t even feel like being online. Hmph! Signing off.cabycrying
January 22: Day 6
I realized that after all that, the left side of the keyboard isn’t secure and flat like it should be, and my caps lock doesn’t work. I’m going to have to take this thing apart all over again and try to adjust it. WILL THIS EVER END?!
(That was hard to type without caps lock, btw.)
Image 1 by makelessnoise, image 2 by Daniel Eizans, image 3 by hyperscholar.